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Good ways to make kids fall in love with music

Music education activities for children the spirit of cooperation and interpersonal skills active role is beyond doubt. Children's interest in music was an important factor in improving the quality of music teaching. So, preschool activities, how to stimulate children's interest in music that? here are my thoughts:

(a) flexible, diverse teaching methods

early childhood innocent and lovely, lively, there is no better self-control, so using alternate scenes and other vivid way, let the children moving, listening, watching, differentiation, sing fun practice experience: looking for appreciation of music--music--music--music--music of course.

(b) choose a different material and improve their ability to distinguish music

at the time of music appreciation, teaching materials directly related to children's interest in music appreciation. Selection should focus on the acceptability of children, it would be admissible. Different concerts to young children felt different.

of course, the music selection is very important, in order to attract young children. Music selection necessary close to children's lives, allowing children who have practical experience they desire for music performance.

(c) the design of teaching language, add the unique taste of music

activity teaching music language, refers to decorative language in music activities, such as teacher-child greetings routine before and after activity, you can use music to performances, let children put on a cheerful music rhythms, music begins, can highlight the characteristics of musical activity and stimulate the children's interest, but also indirect knowledge.

rhythm language, pounded with body movements, said at the event, you can make the child feel the music, such as speed, strength, cultivate a sense of rhythm, the percussion of songs can play a larger role.

sign language, which uses hand gesture instead of the language teacher, it can serve to silence effect, by gestures can be more easily and directly to child care delivery and express emotions into the meaning of the song.

body language, body language, through the expression passed to the children of teachers, can play a "great minds think alike" effect, in General, is mainly the eyes and facial expressions and the expression, passed it to silent language to children's shows and inner feelings. The firm eyes sparkle and filled with happy smiling faces, can make children's emotional, energy multiplied.

(d) pay attention to self express and let the children through their own activities

all the art of early childhood education is to cultivate children's interest in learning, arouse the enthusiasm of young children learn only when child care when needed, teachers give in order to receive the best results in music education in the past, teachers tend to neglect the children's initiative, enthusiasm, did not give them sufficient free space, too much emphasis on skills training. In fact, teaching, as long as the desire to fully mobilize young children, they wrote, create their own exploration, develop a sense of motivation and confidence, with interest in learning, their curiosity and thirst for knowledge has been developed.

(e) providing personal music that enable children to view the stage and improve children's music performance ability

love music kids especially like performing, so I often provide performance opportunities for the children, so that children in different aspects of the music, in the broader musical stage show of their own.

of course, music performance practices there, singing, reading, painting, dancing and so on. Music stimulates the baby's desire and interest, select a different method for different music. So as to better develop the child's ability to innovate.

in short, we need to constantly improve their interest into deep feelings in music teaching, the beauty of art stimulate children through music, their favorite music into the music, let us explore together, give full play to the unique function of education of music and promote comprehensive and harmonious development of children's physical and mental.

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