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How to cultivate children's musical curiosity

Nature, child love music

oven full of curiosity and exploration of children came into the world. They opened my eyes to look for bright, bright colors, colorful world; their ears to listen to the mother's voice and rich and varied tones in your environment. Beautiful, vibrant colors and patterns to meet the needs of children playing, beautiful, cheerful and lively music is their hearing needs the best stimulus.

DCW music is expressive art, characteristic of children with joy and emotion, their words can't express their emotions and experiences and strong emotions in the music contrast, vivid description of feelings to express the feelings of the child, so children genuinely fond of music that he often can't help but dance to the music.

DCW lively children's natural love of music Leon helped us determine this belief: every child needs music, each child has the aspirations and demands of musical culture. Music enlightenment is to meet and stimulate children's interest in music, discover and develop children's musical ability.

was awarded was awarded children need music, so, music for children of life and growth and has what meaning does? Yugoslavia of a by practical music school after years of experiment research found, in the school trained good of music enlightenment of children to has adult yihou, still keep with strongly of curiosity, they will on around of music activities and the all full creative of activities form have is big of enthusiasm, in life in the courage to overcome, fear failed. More important, these students are individual people. In their view, this is the musical achievements of the enlightenment. Music enlightenment significance lies in protecting and developing the creative imagination of children, so that it will not increase with age and lost.

DCW Hungary music educators believe that music can inspire children for various activities intention is to guide the irreplaceable factor in child development, child development cognition, emotion, will have great significance.

DCW in musical activity, child focus can develop in various ways. For example, a new sound, a new song or music is easy to make kids concentrate, listening, singing and playing activities, children's attention they get exercise.

DCW children's perceptions, subtle changes in resolving melodic phrase   (volume, intensity, timbre) to develop. Because children must be a careful observation of the music he heard, the hearing on the "observation" before you can try to imitate what they hear voices, singing the lyrics and melody.

DCW singing also develops the child's memory. Teachers teach a child through simple,  hum melody lyrics, children's musical memories in his heart humming has been strengthened.

DCW music activities and to develop children's imagination; music stimulate the children and music nature new emotional experience that is consistent, making the children's fantasies better. Children imagine the more colorful, he got more pleasure from their music.

DCW music activities can improve children's thinking skills. For example, spatial concepts is the starting point for abstract thought and solfeggio teaching sign language to help, which uses hand movements to represent the sound of height length, formation and consolidation of children's concept of space is of great significance.

DCW music activity and exercise the will of the child. For example, a sense of weaker children to study music, he sang a tune, we must concentrate on what proper music, and imitate them, this requires that the child will face efforts.

DCW-music wisdom, civilized humans and other great features, but first you must let the child loves music, learn to listen to the music, music, from hearing to the mind are immersed in the music. This way, we can truly feel the music flowing with the wisdom and force of character, and can be moved by the music, so that ennobles the soul, become more noble, more wisdom.

DCW, guide the children to follow the second pace

 the human body is a natural rhythm, we can use it to "play" a lot of good for percussion, clap your hands, legs, feet, running, nod, and so on.   But these actions cannot be born, because it is also influenced by the children's development, improve the ability of the brain controls coordination of such constraints. If we can encourage the child through their own physical activity as early as possible to find their own rhythm of the body, so as to make full use of the natural body percussion to better feel the rhythm, catching a high rhythm, which improve the brain's ability to control the movements of the body, increased coordination of actions, and makes movements more graceful and rhythmic sense, is very useful.