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Angel of music is influence children sentiment

From birth, babies started accepting the influence of music. As children grow, both at home and in kindergarten, has been accompanied by his music, that beautiful melodies, touching lyrics to mold young minds like a dead poets society. People as a child singing a song, often remember all your life, because the most profound emotional impact on children. We can easily find that when her infant baby when he heard beautiful music, sometimes quiet, older rhyme the children you teach him to sing, he intently followed you learn, and the more exciting.

music "can make people happy, to make people sad, can make people rise up", especially for children. Using music to influence the child's mind, is the best no. Song entered the young mind, plays a subtle, conservation, develop intelligence and imagination as Commandant, would make their love life, the pursuit of good strong emotions. Music to the customs of society functions. When the children sing: "come to the kindergarten, I asked, teacher, the teacher said I was polite to me smiling" when not teaching them, they know should be polite, this was much better than dry lecture.

"I was in the side of the road, picking up a penny, to the police Uncle hands......" isn't that good moral education method? "Small pine shoots, sunshine and feeding it, grow, grow......" children Scorpion when this song naturally associate with: myself at the sunshine nursery, how sweet. Therefore, parents must pay attention to the music education for children, so that they had a habit of singing beautiful songs, let them listen to the Chinese and foreign ancient and modern, folk, classical, music. Meanwhile, to tell them what the music is bad, unhealthy, and asked them to boycott.

some parents tend to want their children to learn a musical instrument, it is very knowledgeable, the formation of the child's overall development as well as good character, are of great significance.