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Foster an interest in music

Music plays an important role in human life, it is a form of expressing personal feelings, is very helpful to edify. Music and other human tissue products, mode, certain rules-for rather messy drums sing.

starting from the distant unknown age, my mother singing a lullaby to a baby to sleep. Baby not only sensitive to music, can make music, they will knock the dishes with a spoon, not taught, you can feel the combination of rhythm and tone--and that is the music.

since the children were born with induction ability of music, why so many efforts to cultivate their love of music should fail? this is mainly because the parents failed to make music education and child development of music match.

many children are forced by their parents to study a musical instrument or a concert, if these painful experiences and enjoy the music is the same thing, that's just the wishful thinking of the parents!

  therefore, the children really enjoy the pleasure of music, wise guidance and inspiration is necessary. Boy I. At the age of 5, on some of the lyrics are quite familiar with, if possible, let him have your favorite CDs or cassette tapes, at a fixed time every day to listen to, he might be able to learn how to use music to express emotion. Parents and children can sing, play, dance, and put the child on his knee, rhythmic rocking, singing, "shake, shake, shake it! shake Shanghai triad"; let him walk to the tempo according to the March. On a child's hard work and praised, in a pleasant atmosphere, increasing children's interest in music, the music will become part of their lives, have the opportunity to learn the true meaning of music.