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Orff music more baby

Children's nature to be lively, to be at home. If you let the baby sitting at the piano and, strictly asked him to play step by step, most babies are impatient, often run out of steam, so MOM and Dad down. Try Orff music baby understand music, may be very effective. Characteristics of Orff's music is very suitable for children, and emphasize the child's initiative.

1, train your baby's interest in music

characteristics of Orff's music for pleasure, which attracted the participation of children in, let the child know music to the play, not to study music and music, but in order that the child is not old enough to know what music, on music field exercises.

teachers teach a song "creep creep creep creep, climb overhead, creep creep creep creep, climb under his feet. "Qian two sentence teacher from bass sing to treble, Hou two sentence from treble sing to bass, action is is people sat in floor Shang, leg knees feet Palm flat put in to, hands from feet with song up do climbed of action, dang sing to climbed to head Shang Shi, hand just arrived head, sing Xia two sentence Shi, hand and from head climbed to feet.

this method of singing while doing the action, let the children use body movements to understand the treble, bass. In teaching and use it together with the Orff instruments. Orff instruments easier operation, for example, drums, xylophones, castanets, these instruments are not disproportionate emphasis on skills, as long as inspired by the teacher, the baby can be rhythmically tapping, play music, make it easy for baby loves music.

2, train baby's ability to focus and coordinate

in the class, baby ears to hear, eyes to see, mouth to sing, and to cater for the various actions, engaging the various organs of the baby are in music performance, making babies focus, learning very quickly. Also exercise a coordination organ.

3, train baby listening and creativity

0-3 baby is hearing the critical period of development, this time let your baby listen to all kinds of sound and rhythm, and help the development of hearing. Because babies experience less creativity is not obvious.

4 baby, is the key to creativity development period, then if the characteristics of the baby this time to good use, you can develop your baby's creativity. Teacher inspired baby: teacher sings on the climb to the top, the children can also climb to where? Some children climbed on the nose, some say on the neck, said butt, the teacher encouraged for their answers, and took the kids to sing again. Teachers can also be further inspired baby: you can climb, what is it? Some say fly, some float, some say, in short, let your baby use their brains, their editing lyrics.

4, train your baby's emotions

as a result of this activity easy and pleasant, the baby will not put pressure on the baby, baby is in high spirits and excited, beneficial to the baby that way emotions are expressed.

5, train baby other artistic talents

in Carl Orff's process of learning, coupled with playing musical instruments, dancing, and sometimes you can put a piece of music, graphical representation of music, for example, when you heard the sound of water gurgling babies can draw a squiggly line, when the baby hears the sound of the waves, you may draw a line one after another, the waves. This training a baby's ability to understand other forms of art.

all in all, Orff music child loved form of learning not only the music, but also by musical, developing children a wide range of abilities, tap the potential of the child.


Guo   baby is 3 and a half

when my daughter was 2 and a half, I asked her to take piano lessons, but the daughter doesn't listen, paid no attention to the teacher's lecture. Went twice, is dead or alive, not to go. Then I gave him the Orff music class, and daughter loved it. Musical instruments here are very simple, beautiful timbre, such as castanets, the color is red, shaped like a shell, daughter of a pinch pinch, you can make music. Learn some music and dancing on the line with, so I think this class is a lot of things.

granddaughter   baby 3

I went with baby Orff classes, the teacher let her sit on the floor, holding the baby. Then a music teacher and inspiring mother and baby: this is the sound of the waves, small waves, the mother holding the baby around gently rocking, a big wave came, the boat turned, mother and baby to the left or right. My children and I thought it was interesting, I believe that children in this course will gradually understand the music.