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Did you! Determining whether your baby can learn to play the piano

Learn to play the piano, parents

initially, the parents decided to let the children learn to play the piano, all want children to experience good things. But for a long time, many parents forget their purpose, but that the child may need to participate in the game.

because they have too many expectations, too many requirements, also had too many disappointments. It can be said that piano way is not easy.

parents eager to put children on the top, if there is an opportunity soberly to rethink and look to learn how children go through on the way, it is easy to understand guidance because of an error, leading to lost really should have learned valuable lessons in life.

a child's growth process, contains too many important factors. But enlightenment is no substitute for the role, and if the critical period of their development, parents cannot be given sound and proper guidance, it will never make up for the damage to the child.

the best 5 years of piano

before the age of 5 children most need is to learn by ear to listen to all kinds of music, enjoy the rhythmic sway of the body, try to make some noise. Through the experience of singing, dancing, first build up the concept of music in order to enrich young minds.

physical conditions, neuromuscular development of children under 5 years of age are not mature, so being able to use musical instruments are subject to a number of restrictions.

parents might have heard of children as young as 2 years old began to study violin, piano or cello, but most of the teaching practice continues to advocate: piano, violin, flute or guitar such a formal instrument, it is best to delay to the child after the age of 5 and then learn.

small hands do not affect the piano

some parents think that "younger children may learn to play the piano. "As a result, prior to the prepared piano, many parents are trying to find out: how my child conditions? Small kids can play the piano well. "Because children are growing up, little hands will grow.

children wrong don't rebuke

If a child practicing shot the wrong sound, wise parents should not scold child, calmly told the children about.

parents constantly desires to motivate children to practice. Assuming children wrong was interrupted, their focus will shift from music to on the scolding of parents. Due to the fear of the wrong, they would be more careful in playing the piano, and this will affect the music.

daily listening, practice every day, let the children encourages repeated practice. At present, most of the piano's kids have classes once a week, and this is far from enough. The right way should be: put the kids listen to the music you want to learn and teach him to pop up this song, when he was able to pop up this piece of music, you can leave homework for him, after continuing to practice at home.

have a direct impact on the efficiency of practice habits, we must pay attention to children beginners piano stage seize the opportunity to develop good habits or bad habits formed when perceived harm it would change again when it is difficult.

avoid noise damage

whatever the music, the volume control is very important. Sometimes because the sound is too large, too noisy and will make kids lose interest in listening.

in a noisy environment, definitely does not produce quiet child. Music is give people quiet clear heart, so when a child is playing the piano, the volume should not be too large, do not talk nonsense with no rhythm. Let the child know, sat at the piano to calm, the piano is a beautiful musical instrument. Also, in playing the piano, also note that is not the louder the better, but have a certain control of natural and relaxed playing.

learning not just in children when they are playing the piano, and we should all do our best to absorb all the eyes, ears, touch things. We should do all we can use a variety of resources to help children get any music to grow up learning opportunities. The simplest method is to arrange for some fixed period of time, choose different forms of music (like dance music, folk music, classical music, songs, choral, etc), with the appropriate volume, play to your child, giving them a lot of exposure to different music experience.