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In the game teaches children to sing

Game is a children's favorite activity, learn to sing in a pleasant game will have a multiplier effect, you may wish to try. Then, as MOM and dad how to seize the opportunity to teach children to sing in the game? several methods are described below:

1, setting stories:

(1) to the "Doll House" form of the game, kids "MOM" and "Dad", and get children to hold baby off "baby" to sleep, learning to sing a lullaby. Can inspire the kids to want to say, the mother holding the baby want from putting babies to sleep, how to sing a lullaby. Then asked: "the baby to sleep, mother's singing voice is what?" Put children in scenario, soon mastered the method of singing a Lullaby, known to sing a lullaby to be kind and gentle, with the change of mood music gradually lighter, slower. Mother to the "Grandma" praise our children "really capable, coaxing the baby, while singing, is a good MOM," the pleasure of children attempt is successful.

(2) with "car" game, a few small chair spliced into the car, cake box the chassis while driving with the steering wheel, let the child do driver, MOM and dad do the passengers. While playing a game of driving a car, while teaching kids to sing of the driver and of the seat. MOM and dad and the kids can change roles, extrapolate, learn to sing similar songs.

2, to sing Solitaire:

began on told children game of method, first full to sing one or two again, let children on by learn of songs has a full of impression, again step taught children sing, dang children preliminary master songs of melody and lyrics content Hou, dad mother on to do singing Solitaire of game, a people then sing a sentence, until sing finished, such on can makes children learning sing Shi attention concentrated, active to memory songs of melody and lyrics.

3, puzzles and singing:

MOM and dad sing the song again, let the child have an initial impression on the whole song and then play guessing games, according to the words of the appropriate action, let the children guess the general meaning, followed summarised in a Word to teach the children to sing. If the song of the children to think, as a hand clasping hands out long in front of body sway movements, children will guess "elephant nose very long"; as amount of hands reached out, put two fingers in, respectively, bounce action, children will guess "rabbit ears very long." Used this method to teach children not only learn to sing, and learned the performance and high spirits.

young dad, MOM, those are just a few examples, I believe that you will be inspired to find more good way to teach children to sing in the game.