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Creating music in the home environment

Creating music in a family environment, to cultivate children's sentiment or half as artistic talents for their children has an invaluable role. So, how to create music in their family environment?

1, creation of music perception for their children's activities.

in family of bedroom in the left out is space placed suitable of frame or shelf, purchase some music toy, as will singing of small animal, and children combat instruments, and flower, and children accordion,, also can homemade some color in the different of metal box (cans, and castanets,) put in above, let children in activities district in happy to beat, active listening to various different of sound, imitation small animal of calls to perception sound of level. Adults have to make the play Bunny, elephant music, kids feel and lively rhythm, slow and steady, different tunes, this is the most suitable method.

2, adult accompanying the child to enjoy music together.

some masters, music is the art of movement. Children and parents should take a little time every day to enjoy music, to choose some reflect the child's feelings and life music, let the children listen, listen. To guide the child to understand music, encourage children to sing and dance or entertain adults sing the dance for children. Can also arrange some family concerts, weekend concerts, inviting music lovers or friends in music, alternate performances, kids feel adult attention and interest in music, this subtle influence on children is also quite effective.

3, use of sound equipment to let children come into contact with music.

with the improvement of people's living standard, we had much exposure to music, conditions improved. TV output record popularity, music-loving families also had to play the piano, organ and other instruments, these advantages are children learning music Foundation. Adults may cause children to watch television in a variety of music programs, which promotes children's learning. Recorder can also be used to let children imitate the singing and playing, and scientific guidance; and can listen often lets children music story, recitation, and vivid description of the music, get a child's attention switched to music. Usually get up to play some light music, began to volume increases; sleeping with some gentle music, let the children calm, sweet sleep.

as long as people usually do, create good music atmosphere for their children must help children receive knowledge of music, to promote their physical and mental health.