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Qingdao has announced the latest survey data, middle, Qingdao City, "psychological problem" were 15.3%, 5% higher incidence of lower than that in 2008. Experts call for Youth study and life at the same time, society should strengthen adolescents ' mental health care.

youth "psychological problem" incidence of 15%-20%

according to the mental health center of Qingdao to counseling 7319 people from 2008 to 2010 survey: first to the whole student, 29.18%, followed by employees, unemployed, of which the most prominent psychological problem is emotional, 30.77%, followed by sleep, psychological problems such as anxiety, depression, and learning.

according to the President of the mental health center, Qingdao, Pang Shutao says, statistics show that age at onset of mental illness tend to be young, rapidly rising incidence of youth has become a problem not to be ignored. On average every 3 to come to counseling persons with mental problems, 1 is a student of the situations, mental health center, Qingdao, this year devoted to the psychological problems of middle school students. It is understood that the 2008 Qingdao youth on mental problems, results show adolescent rates ranging from 15% to 20%, of which 10.4% incidence of middle school students. This year's findings compared to the incidence of--15.3% in two short years, secondary school students "psychological problem" incidence 5%. Psychological counseling, patient age has broken through the traditional idea of "dangerous age of 12", the youngest only 8 years old. These frightening figures should cause reflection and concern in the community.

psychological problems cannot be identified with thinking

Pang Shutao introduction room psychotherapy, mental health center, Qingdao, China has recently dealt with a first-year junior high school student, prior to their admission, his mood is very unstable, and when angry parents "manhandled" blows everything to their parents, and until reading a psychiatrist, his parents knew their children have "anxiety" over a year. This is typical of poor parent-child communication, and also gave each family sounded the alarm.

on October 10 this year is the 19th World mental health day, the campaign theme is "communication friendly, harmonious and healthy" campaigns aimed at children, young persons and their parents and teachers, professional groups, community residents, and interpersonal communication objective is to raise public awareness. In the traditional view, some primary and middle school students such as tired, unfocused, bad temper and problems such as ADHD, parents and teachers from the thought, moral reasons, rather than from a psychological analysis on the disease. Experts believe that with the development of society, school, parents in educating young people to grow up at the same time, also help the adults, for youth to have a healthy body and mind. Continue as ideological or moral issue of students ' psychological problems to solve, is clearly inappropriate, difficult remedy to obtain practical results.

adults want to squat down and children equal exchange

it is understood that the concentration of juvenile psychological problems in weariness, and puppy love, addiction, anxiety, ADHD, etc. Depression, 36.5% anxiety disorder 26%. Troubled adolescents disease of depression are insomnia, anxiety, unfocused, bad-tempered, etc.

Pang Shutao says, the survey found, 60% of psychological problems of young people and their parents have a certain relationship. Because now more than 95% families have only one child, the high expectations of the parents of the child, children are spoiled, protection, and pressure is growing, parents often overlook the self-care ability and character education for children, leading to poor children psychologically vulnerable and under pressure, when faced with setbacks and blows that is extremely vulnerable to psychological problems.

Qingdao career technology college education College Dean, and psychology professor Zheng Hongli analysis, many children clearly appeared has psychological problem, rather used with with theory, and wrote diary, and self-mutilation, form vent, also not with parents, and teachers Exchange, this middle just generation gap of problem, more need as adults of parents or teachers squat Xia body, and children station in equal of location Shang and children exchange, let they was we is can heart of friends, and not still on will board up face reprimanded of elders.

psychological health education system set up base

complex and subtle relationships and family, classmates, teachers and students of the opposite sex, teen-agers "knot", filled with confusion or conflict. In this case, medicine for mental health education is part of the solution. Reporters learned that, at present, the middle school, Qingdao has been establishing and improving psychological consultation system, the training of teachers of professional counseling, to collective or individual coaching of students ' psychological problems in a timely manner, aimed at enhancing the students ' mental health education.

Meanwhile, the Government's focus on psychological consultation and input has been increased. 2007 Qingdao set up mental health education base. The base break through the limitations of the consulting room, telephone booths and classrooms, health education and psychological teaching closely combined, extracurricular activities and social practice, building a new home, school psychological education models, social interaction, to the growth of students ' mental health to create a good social and cultural environment and atmosphere. In addition, in each of the community health service center in Qingdao City set a mental disease control doctor, setting up health records of patients with severe mental illness to the community and to conduct regular follow-up and rehabilitation Guide, city four areas now has more than 6,000 employees be included in community management of patients with mental illness. These approaches need to be further strengthened and promoted, not implemented area should be used for reference.

Bureau of Qingdao City Party Secretary, Xu Jianbo, the Secretary told reporters that international competition in the future, not just in the knowledge and innovation competition, also will set off a fierce competition in the mind. Helping to shape the future builders and successors of stronger, more informed, more healthy hearts, so that they grow up healthy and happy and become, it is incumbent on the community, parents, and school responsibilities.