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Private kindergarten "primary" slightly embarrassed teacher calls parent coordination

"Small ya where of kindergarten, Shang semester also teaching read and arithmetic, this semester suddenly not taught has, kindergarten has been Dodge said textbook didn't to, can school are so long has......" recently, Qiaokou gutian road a by private kindergarten of parents are to newspaper complaints, they on kindergarten suddenly no longer Professor language, and mathematics knowledge was puzzled, if Park party not recovery started, they on consider to children turned Park. After receiving the complaint, informed, reporters rushed to the Park, and to the Department of education policy.  

it is learnt that the Education Department of Hubei Province issued a circular in early February this year, requiring further standardize the kindergarten Act, to resolutely stop "primary", for the "primary" kindergarten tendency to order the rectification, rectification failed kindergarten will be canceled, and announced to the public. In the interview, above the kindergarten's owner admits kindergarten's move raised complaints is one of the ripple effects of the ban.  

kindergarten "primary", the children a happy childhood, provincial prohibitions can be described as a heavy blow. Under the ban, the kindergarten "primary" case, reporters chose to "primary" tendencies are primarily visited the private kindergarten.  

visit-embarrassment-kindergarten "primary"  

head said that the privately-run kindergarten parents questioned, finally telling the truth: the strength is not strong enough, never mind no backers, educational administrative departments "primary" for the country, they have to avoid head, temporarily take the kids to "play" for a while.  

facing reporters, the Director is very distressed, she said privately-run kindergarten hard is a recognized fact that, students are a lifeline. Now only caters to parents, very much enhance the inculcation of knowledge, to recruit children. Public park with excellent facilities and teachers, coupled with cost advantages, even if they are not primary content, a Professor, or worry about not hire the student.  

kindergarten's "confession", parents do not buy it, because "some kindergarten teaching literacy and numeracy".  

parents say is the truth. Reporter Xu Dong Avenue, a private Park saw such a scene: preschools in the Park, more than more than 30 children have been sitting like a pupil in the classroom, every day they have to learn the language, arithmetic, English courses, 30 minutes of each class. One parent told reporters that this kindergarten preschool is well known for here out of the children, on the primary school had close to grade level.  

ban said, the Director said, and only walked, Word will not let parents and children "suffer".  

private kindergarten "primary" way too embarrassing, it is an indisputable fact.   

bottom – choosing early childhood education "primary" source  

in the interview, backbone teachers in Hubei Province, Wuchang bridge kindergarten qinli told reporters that the kindergarten curriculum specifically provides that pre-school children's main task is to the game, kids in sports, music, performances, roles, entertainment, intelligence, construction of seven games, learn social and cooperation ability. Each age level, what capacity is also a clear requirement. However, in the private garden, outlines tend to become a dead letter. "90 days 3 baby learn to 1500 characters" and "you're not a genius, but you can be a genius parents" or to "give your baby a little closer to the primary school" ... ... Annual enrollment season, number of private kindergartens is to to attract students, and this is the best way to meet the parents ' attitude of advertisements. "The school is not the crux of the kindergarten and primary school. "A private, says the Director, now River City" young small "school choice is rising rapidly, although the compulsory education requirements for counterpart near the entrance, but in fact the minority, starting from elementary school the choice of parents and school choice is not just relations and issues of cost, children must also be through quality school entrance tests.  

a famous Wuhan the third grade parents Ms Lui said, when children go to school tests, written tests and interviews, written content is actually the first grade of primary school test, "if my child in the kindergarten no primary education, it would not pass that test! " 

"young small" to child care parents pressure is approaching, "David small" entrance tests in many schools there is a primary school also hope to recruit from the outset "top".

discussion--"primary" what exactly to  

experimental kindergarten principals, Hubei Province, Zhou Zongqing said in a media interview, early childhood education's biggest failing, is the early primary, he thinks this has seriously violated the law of early childhood education. Learning should be the child's natural growth process that needs to be satisfied, rather than the heart is filled by knowledge process.  

in recent years, the kindergarten "primary" reiterated the ban, local education departments have introduced policies and measures, such as prohibition of kindergarten to teach poetry, arithmetic, Jiangsu Province "primary" content ban kindergartens in Anhui Province used textbooks. But judging from the implementation of, the ban is not ideal.  

Wuchang bridge kindergarten qinli foreign provinces banned teaching students in kindergarten literacy and arithmetic, "one size fits all" approach does not agree, she believed that kindergartens "primary" should not be operated on to knowledge itself, and its objectives should be the inappropriate educational methods. "If children learned knowledge of the game, feeling the joy of learning, is a successful case of education; if in order for children to learn a Word, an addition and subtraction, to let children write back, let the children feel stress and anxiety, or ' primary '. "Child care centre TRG member Li Juan, Wuchang District said. Li also said of pre-school education is to prepare children enrolled in kindergarten, this preparation must not be limited to the reserve of knowledge, more children should be taught self-reliance and interacting with people, sense of cooperation and to develop a strong interest in learning, which is more conducive to the future development of young children.

advocate-"primary" needs cooperation of the whole society  

kindergarten school quality varies greatly, for the "primary" requirements, private kindergartens sigh, not primary content, what to teach? Not hire the students do? They look forward to not only a ban, is more guidance, when they hope relevant departments issued a ban, can give more attention to private kindergartens and brought in experts to guide their teachers how to better teach, let the children the joy of learning, and new skills.  

in this regard, Li said, the "primary" things not only in kindergarten, more parents meet, put an end to gross interference of parents on children's education, promoting advanced the concept of early childhood education should be the common task of the whole society.  

in addition, to prevent early childhood education "primary school" tendency, we must enhance the specialization of teachers. Zhou Zongqing says the key is to have a professional quality of kindergarten teachers, rather than on academic level and level of knowledge. In kindergarten, children are taught to every aspect of life should be taught, including dressing, using the toilet, etc. He said early childhood education should play down Chinese, maths, English and other subjects, focusing on a comprehensive interdisciplinary courses. Preschool teachers should pay attention to skills, such as children's ability to carry out activities, and not to neglect education, psychology of academic accomplishment. Kindergarten teachers to be able to meet the developmental needs of children, focusing on children's physical and mental development, solving problems encountered in the growth of each child.  

some private Zoo said, the administrative departments of education specification for primary school should also be monitored, prohibited all forms of primary school entrance exam. Standardize primary school admissions process, adhere to the nearest entrance system, primary schools is strictly prohibited all forms of assessment, interviewing, testing, admissions exam, may not be various competitions as a basis for admission. Early primary school enrolling less than children of school age receive compulsory education. Only the real implementation of the ban, can unleash private kindergarten, "primary" to go a little more smoothly.