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Preschool warm more rural children

Dagang district of Tianjin kindergarten Cheng Enlin IV: rural kindergartens can cultivate "gentle child"

ten years ago, I taught at second kindergarten in Dagang district, Tianjin City, and the town kindergarten was established in "hand in hand" build relationships, have access to pre-school education in rural areas.

at that time, the rural pre-school education in the management of funds, teachers, and the many problems, still largely confined to the "pre" status. Town in only 3 staff in kindergartens, continuous admission counselling parents so that they can take care of. Children timidly, biting her fingers, hide behind their parents some eating snacks, spitting ... ... In the town of 3 other privately run kindergarten, children as compared to urban children, a large gap.

in recent years, the District Department of education develop pre-school education in rural areas, decided construction of rural public kindergartens, kindergarten and send city to rural areas, advanced kindergarten concepts, management experience to rural areas, establish quality pre-school education. In the town built a public kindergarten, true to a quality preschool teacher. Opening the first day, we sit down with 15 members of staff, from the most basic of things, made brand, rural children have access to quality pre-school education.

we set out to change the situation of pre-school education in rural areas from the source, "cultivate habits of elegant, Foundation quality of life" concept as the starting point for all the work, from creating ya campus environment, creating refined teachers to nurture gentle children's groups, social work James.

Dagang district kindergarten Director four days, I have seen changes of pre-school education in rural areas. Two years of time, kindergarten ya culture features construction started, campus environment get great improved, formed has a step a King, and King King Yu taught of pattern; do Park quality get has local people of recognized, faculty team number and quality occurred has is big changes, by original of 15 name increased to 41 name, in district city level teaching race activities in the, young teachers emerge, get multiple urban level awards; teaching class by original of 3 a increased to 9 a, children by opened early of dozens of name increased to more than 300 over, Kindergarten levels rise.

as an old early childhood education worker, I am changing the status of pre-school education in rural areas a long way to go. Short-term within ease urban and rural preschool not balanced of effective measures is: to township (Street) for units, formed a support to town within quality kindergarten for led, and to subject teaching leader for subject of "education teaching backbone mission", take overall output, and flexible flow of form, solution rural pre-school education management mechanism, and teachers shortage, and teachers urban and rural flow mechanism, and hardware not balanced, problem; formed "sent culture countryside team", play city model Park by teachers level of advantage, Various towns for rural kindergarten teacher sent to form new, content-rich free training.

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www.jyb.CN March 10, 2012   author: Zhang Dong source: China education news-education news

policy initiatives

three years of pre-school education actions to steadily resolve "the Park"

reporter   Zhang Dong

in recent years, the rapid development of economy, society and education, pre-school education is increasingly becoming the rigid demand of each family. However, the present situation of development of preschool education, cannot meet the growing demand for care. According to statistics, in 2009 National gross admission rate of 50.86% three years. November 3, 2010, the Executive meeting of the State Council held a specialized in pre-school, November 21 issued the opinions on current development of pre-school education, presented 10 policy measures to quicken the development of pre-school education, on December 1, the State Council convened a national teleconference of pre-school education, special deployment development of pre-primary education. National education authorities in accordance with the "ten" require the development and implementation of three years of pre-school education action plan.

pre-school education kicked off a three-year action plan at the beginning of 2011, estimated to around 3 years to new construction, rebuilding and expanding kindergarten more than more than 90,000, new Park, 500duowange.

in 2010, the national development and Reform Commission started pre-school education in rural areas to promote pilot projects in 10 provinces, the planning and construction of kindergarten 416. In 2011, expanding to 25 provinces in the Midwest, planning and construction of kindergarten 891. Pilot funding arrangements, the key to impoverished areas and ethnic minority areas.

the "Twelve-Five" period will be set at 50 billion yuan in the central budget, focusing on development of the difficulties in Central and Western regions and Eastern regions rural pre-school education. In rural kindergarten construction Shang, General according to "insurance basic, and wide cover, and more form" of principles, main support Township construction Center kindergarten, play its radiation guide role; to new kindergarten mainly, while on existing kindergarten and using elementary and middle schools surplus school for modified expansion; according to practical applies of principles reasonable determine each project of do Park scale; while focused on to project construction promoted planning, and teachers, and charges and management, the policy of perfect.

in 2011, put into pre-school education amounting to 3 billion yuan in the central budget. The next 5 years, all levels of government funding of pre-school education will be included in the budget, and to ensure that new funding skewed towards pre-school education. By 2015, the national pre-school year gross admission rate will reach 85%, gross admission rate of at least three years of 60%. Ministry of finance, the Ministry of education to support the full implementation of pre-school education throughout a three-year action plan to develop a support package for the development of pre-primary education policy, launched four major categories of 7 major projects, the national pre-school education there has been a welcome change and significant progress, rapid increase in inclusive preschool resources. Support of the national project, all new construction, renovation and expansion of a number of kindergartens, according to preliminary statistics, the 2011 national total rose by 16,000 in kindergarten, children increased by more than 4 million people.

in order to meet the needs of rapid development of pre-primary education, Central Finance and implementation of teacher Guo Pei plan, greater Midwest rural kindergarten, and transfer of backbone teachers teacher training support and improve the overall quality of teachers of preschool education in rural areas.   Project according to the different training needs of kindergarten teachers, targeted professional training. Rural backbone teachers for short-term training or replacement of full-time study for transfer from primary and secondary teachers and newly hired non-preschool graduates job adaptation training. Public kindergarten teaching staff establishment approved work throughout the Government, time to add a number of qualified teachers, and increase the intensity of training of kindergarten teachers.