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Experts believe that two pupils suicide pacts highlight the absence of life education

County, Fujian province meet two pupils on March 1 drowned himself. In recent years, juvenile common tenseness in the tragedy of suicide, it is deplorable. Relevant experts believe that current and strengthening family life education in schools, develop students ' good character and mind.

meet two young girls drowned dead

before the tragedy occurred in the County, Fujian province town primary school in Hong Kong. School principal Wang zongyi, told reporters on March 1 at about 17:20, he received a phone call saying two students in grade five xiaosu (a pseudonym), and Xiao Hui (a pseudonym), left two suicide notes after running away immediately in serious cases, to guogangcun, the former town government and the education sector report.

ZhangPu County Education Committee said Chen Renjun, Deputy Secretary of the Committee, after receiving the report, immediately start emergency preparedness, ZhangPu, organization of the peace, officers of the Education Department and the County, town and village to search for, 21:38 found in the guogangcun pond in the day two students dead.

"two young girls how to commit suicide? "Chen Renjun deplores said," we always want to be a false alarm, still can't believe it. "Wang zongyi said:" such things are all very sad and surprised. ”

head teacher of two Xu Rongdong says two children usually grades above average, very cleverly, had never been criticized by the teacher, and did not find anything abnormal. According to the information provided by schools, two children at home is also very good, often helps parents with the housework.

journalists in a suicide note left by two children also felt kind of two children. Xiao Hui entrusted in his last words: "MOM and dad have to live, to take care of his brother. "Little plain left two for sister bracelet, sisters promised her one wish in her suicide note:" MOM and dad, your MOM and dad, help parents to do some heavy work. ”

suicide or suicide note revealed from the smallest things

reporters from the local public security Department's suicide note, said two children to commit suicide before the journey. Little element described in the note of loneliness. Xiaohui said in his suicide note, "a good friend of mine, she can't find my keys, and I made a vow with her, although we are not born the same month that year, hopefully, the same month that year died. Now she can't find my keys, and feel sorry for her mom, don't listen to her mother, so I had to go with her. ”

popular travel TV series or two children is a risk factor for suicide. Reporters also saw in the suicide of a child, "she had a secret is" want to travel through time, all emperors of the Qing dynasty to the Qing dynasty. "According to two small art students classmates (a pseudonym) He Xiaoxin (not his real name) reflected, they usually prefer to see, such as the Palace of the step" through play. "

"it made them in the process may produce a psychological comfort to the dying. "Chen Renjun believes that the current hit" time travel "" across the globe "such as" Shaoxing opera "a deadly misleading to young pupils. "Younger minor students, cognitive ability, lower judgment, abstract, fuzzy the concept of life, death, which tend to live among the ideals and illusions, bad boot could have dire results. ”

experts believe that current media culture-oriented bias, not the blind pursuit of "catch the eye" effect, to strengthen the media guide, create a positive and healthy mainstream values, children form a good Outlook on life. Over a variety of "through", "travel TV series" should be limited on the amount of play time, play, to minimize the adverse effects on the primary and middle school students.

strengthening family life education and school is around the corner

Chen Renjun believes that tragedy and the lack of family life education and school. Life education more important than knowledge. Although school lessons in morality, the class will be taught there, but not in great detail, and safety education more attention to education of life is relatively small.

mental health counseling expert Zhang Benyu, Fujian Normal University believes that many students are on a weak sense of life, do not know what it means to life, death. So, life education in school is around the corner, it is important for the development of students ' self-consciousness. Life education is not "life on life" but through emotion, frustration, responsibility for education, safety education to enhance students ' awareness of life.

left-behind children's lack of affection also underscore the importance of life education. It is understood that the two parents at home except for one outside the farm, the other three people are working outside. Chen Renjun, told reporters that many parents go out to work, and children little time to communicate, the child's inner loneliness, lack of family warmth.

experts believe that in the absence of the role of parents in education cannot be life. They suggested that parents need to understand their children, care for children, spend more time with their children, more happiness, a sense of warmth to the child. Especially migrant parents to assume family responsibilities.