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Deputies Member hot: "school meals" security how?

According to statistics, China has 130 million rural students in high school, some students three meals a day to solve. Fall semester 2011, the relevant departments jointly launched the rural compulsory education students ' nutrition improvement program, by the standards of 3 Yuan for every day in the central budget for rural compulsory education students in pilot areas to provide nutritional dietary supplement, about 26 million students benefited.


improved hardware   supervisory accountability

representatives of Guangdong CPPCC Vice Chairman Wang 珣zhang

free lunches are not only "meal" is enough, the Government should come up with more funding to improve the dining room hardware, training and recruitment of qualified support staff.

establishment of regulatory system, each area of quality supervision Bureau, Health Council of the respective local free school lunch routine, there is a problem of accountability regulators.

public tender funds

Xi'an International Studies University principals husi representative

by the Government to organize public bidding, in the context of strict food safety standards, select the strength, management of food suppliers, and by the education sector and food regulators conducted their daily food safety supervision. Increase nutrition improvement program funds audit of supervision, real to the students to ensure that every penny.

nutritional diet   fixed purchases

Party Secretary of Guangxi liuzhou yufeng district representative of the Dong Ling

employing diet and nutrition experts to develop student meal nutritional diet recipes and updated on a regular basis.

must be weighed when purchasing food canteen acceptance, invoice records name, quantity and physical match, noted in the invoice must have name, unit price, quantity, value, place of origin, and should have a vendor's signatures and thumbprints. Along with designated procurement system, signed a supply agreement with suppliers and the responsibility for the safety and delivery time strict quality control.

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