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Scientific and technological talents to grasp from the middle school students

5 years ago, scientist academician Wei Yu in China, supported by the China Association for science and technology and the Ministry of education, led to "learn by doing" science education program. Talking about several years of experience, academician Wei Yu said that practice has shown that just helped them establish a proposed to solve the problems of science education programs to fully explore the curiosity of teachers and students to explore science becomes sensual and interesting.

"look, he set up a! "On October 21, experimental school of Beijing Normal University, dozens of students gathered together, joining the Organization of" ring-side race. " The project's rules of the game are, grouted with a certain amount of sand into the empty can, testing students to stand in the stipulated time the number of cans of study students can balance method.

This is the experimental high school attached to Beijing Normal University, the annual science and technology and Humanities Festival scene. Like paper rally, a straw Tower bearing competitions, campus orienteering race, "model UN", "heritage", recycling markets and other activities, as well as selecting excellent students in the University Lab activity. Every October, this school holds science and human activity, has been more than 30 years.

"now is the school technology competitions, our hands-on activities in science and technology and humanities section; for excellent students, will help them get City Board of youth science and technology activities, the Municipal Association for science and technology projects, in-depth study of natural science, which makes scientific activities both in popularity and have increased. "Yong Yun, head of the Office of science and technology activities of the school teacher said.

"rare earth multi-color light emitting nano-materials synthesis and preliminary study on the application of anti-counterfeiting", "Bacillus denitrification using residual sludge hydrolytic acidification of salt water feasibility study for the synthesis of hydroxy fatty acid ester", "artificial ryegrass turf ecosystem CO2 exchange in Beijing and its influencing factors of" ... ... This one gets a little giddy project, it's hard to imagine these projects are led by 66 students, this is just yongyun introduced "improved class" students ' science and technology activities.

to in youth in the universal technology knowledge, national about sector developed has youth technology development planning, Government, and civil organization, and enterprise established has specifically of awards award youth engaged in technology activities, oriented youth of technology activities venues on elementary and middle school students relief tickets, many academician, and scientists to middle school students open lecture, some national laboratory to students open; education sector very attention on students for Science common sense education and hands-on capacity of training, almost each middle school are built has technology interest group, A number of technology interest group activities have had a significant impact.

student: "people not impetuous do scientific research"

"science can make people not impetuous. "When the wear red uniforms, short hair combed meticulously 17 year old girls say that when reporters couldn't help the mind a surprised. And when the girl went on talking for his research project, her eyes shining with bright light, perhaps to realize scientific research for her growing up.

Yin Yue is the experimental school of Beijing Normal University high school (2) classes of students. In the school of science and technology and Humanities during the Festival, she had an important "tasks", is to give the young sisters introduced their own experience and experience of participation in scientific and technological activities, encouraging more students to participate in scientific and technological activities.

this summer, by the China Association for science and technology, Ministry of education, Ministry of science and technology, co-sponsored by the national development and Reform Commission and other departments entitled "innovative   experience   grow-into a low carbon life" 25th national youth scientific innovation contest held in Guangdong Science Center. Yin Yue entries of the multi-color light emitting rare earth nanomaterials synthesis and preliminary study of the anti-counterfeiting applications won the first prize. For this project, Yin Yue, said her studies of such nanoparticles in UV or IR excitation can produce fluorescence emission, with up-conversion and down-conversion properties, there is reason to believe that this new anti-counterfeiting material in certain advantages over traditional anti-counterfeiting materials.

from high school in first grade, Yin Yue enlisted in the school's "Youth Science and technology and Humanities Research Institute", where she won the opportunity to join the Beijing Youth Science Club scientific research activities into Peking University chemistry and laboratory of Molecular Engineering and purification of teacher learning and practice. High school last semester, familiar with the lab environment, learning the basics, high school have their own research objectives, Yin Yue every bubble in the laboratory high school summer vacation. "Initially I all day Saturday or Sunday went to the lab, and later added on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons after school time, stay in the lab until around nine o'clock in the evening and then go home. ”

"I don't think boring, didn't feel when you stick them down, it's true. "Summary Yin Yue in her two years in the University laboratory experience. "Because there is something new every day, every goal, every plan you must, have to face something new each day, no time to think. "Yin Yue enjoyed the process, she's even taking fully into account the technology application and market prospects. For this girl, to adhere to and learned from not impetuous is far more important than the result itself.  

teacher: "I believe he is improving the capacity of greater than spending time"

in the experimental school of Beijing Normal University, Yin Yue is not the only one to grow from the science and technology activities of students. Guo Xuan was one of just a freshman this year. When the third day, Guo Xuan's works of the microorganisms and in the joint role in the city's water purification plant's application of the 30th session of the Beijing Youth Science creation competition of the environmental sciences group "first prize" and compete with groups of high school students.

"I don't think a meaningful thing to do, it should be meaningful. "Guo Xuan said over and over again. Guo Xuan often through laboratory experiments and studying microorganisms and plants alone and their combination of landscape water purification effect. Then, in Beijing Lotus Pool Park of landscape water in the, Guo Xuan with surrounding across across out a experiment district, in experiment district of water in the planting by selected of 3 species plant, and put light collection bacteria and Actinomycetes, regularly detection surrounding across both inside and outside of water parameter for compared analysis, showed that microbial and plant joint role, can is good to purification water, has strong of system stability, maintenance costs lower.

now, Yin Yue and other with 4 senior students of the experimental school of Beijing Normal University, entered the tenth national "little scientist tomorrow, incentives," the final list, while in Beijing, the final evaluation only 30 people on the list.

from September 2005 the experimental middle school of Beijing Normal University has set up a "Youth Science and Technology Institute of Humanities" since, more and more students involved in science and technology activities. "Into the lab to do research" is no longer a distant dream for the students. 3 students from 2005 science and technology won the Beijing Youth Science and technology contest "prize", the year 6 students of science and technology won the Beijing Youth Science and technology competition "prize" Science and technology innovation has become one of the highlights of the experimental school of Beijing Normal University.

under the pressure of entrance, took out a two-day time every week doing scientific research, even won a national award, only the college entrance examination extra points of 20 points, it is just a waste of time? For this problem, experimental high school attached to Beijing Normal University, Yang Wenzhi, Vice President, said: "I believe that the amount of time he could pass his skills make up for." Yang Wenzhi introduction, other qualities and abilities of the students involved in science and technology activities will also increase will make up for the science and technology activity elapsed time will not affect his academic studies. Yang Wenzhi said, the University entrance exam is not the end, it's just summary of the academic standards of students ' high school for three years. Implementation of synthetic evaluation of quality education in middle school now, more and more College pilot independent enrollment, this is a guide, more and more emphasis on students ' comprehensive qualities.

goals: training and selection of talents in reserve

each Wednesday 3:30 P.M. school Hou, students can elective "technology innovation method and skills practice" elective, experience research subject design and practice of full process, upgrade logic capacity; through participate in school organization of technology lecture, and research survey, activities, personally feel technology of charm; while, encourages help students personally participation research subject practice, wrote research papers, and in levels technology race Shang show. "Through the characteristics of the course system, compulsory, elective courses, specialized course and activity classes combined, comprehensive work, cultivate and promote scientific exploration spirit and practical ability of students at school. "Just yongyun said.

in the process of cultivating students ' practical, the teachers found that engage students in science and technology activities, lab experiments, Humanities is also important, requires students to have an open society and a heavy humanistic spirit. Thus, the annual science and technology activities become "Science and technology and Humanities Festival." Yang Wenzhi presentation, select a set period of time, through its efforts, a wide variety of activities, engage students in thinking and creative thinking of science and technology, so they have a sense of innovation and an open mind.

Yang Wenzhi introduction, comprehensive development, with a specialty of excellence is the goal of experimental school of Beijing Normal University. Scientific literacy, cultural literacy, physical and mental health and good taste in art is the interpretation of comprehensive development. Level of expertise that is beyond ordinary middle school students, but also the best students and future college majors, career, hobby-related expertise. Excellent traditional Chinese culture and a broad international perspective, a strong sense of social responsibility and sense of mission, vision, and superb overall quality, specialist highlight a series of quality students, can only be called talents. "Schools can do, is to give students a good platform, so that they can be involved in science and technology and Humanities activities in. While creating a science and innovation campus. "Yang Wenzhi said.

Yin Yue said Tech's activities is that everyone has the opportunity to participate in and do, is feasible for most students. When it comes to surviving the hard, Yin Yue you said with a smile: "Science and technology can make you calmer and quieter to experience the whole process, it was boring, most of the time you complete on your own. "The girls want to learn material, engaged in related research work after graduation. No matter how high school technology activities, has left a deep imprint in her life.

"We hope that the students at the secondary level, there is consciousness to be able to plan their future. "Yang Wenzhi introduction experimental school attached great importance to students ' career planning education, promotes student autonomy plan, hoping his career and become the kind of person, and to cultivate the qualities of this in high school.

this plan coincided with national planning. To annual provinces of technology reserve talent early training plans for cases, the plans aimed at selection a hobby technology of excellent high school students, for focus training, let they early contact frontier technology, accept science thought and science moral of influence, improve scientific research of capacity, training innovation spirit, suffered science practice of exercise, as soon as possible became technology innovation talent, to gradually formed technology talent training of reserve Echelon.