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Why do schools keep children away from bad programs to be challenged

According to the Nanjing morning news reported October 23 that recently, a man claiming to be the parents of children at a school in Nanjing on the first day, experience of his parents ' meeting posted on the net. He said teachers in parent-teacher conferences announced many rules, one of which was to prohibit child watches a TV program over the weekend. As soon as this is reported immediately has fueled heated debate. Time, bricks and flowers in full strength.  

"tube live kid who tubes have to living a child's heart? What year was also in such a simple and crude way to discipline students. "One SINA Netizen criticism that in Kunming.  

"we don't treat children as a control object, in the event of problems, the first thought is to ban this ban." A Sohu users in Taiyuan says, this see gross method, is a simple and poor education, is very harmful to personnel training.  

a Sohu Internet users think of Lianyungang city, everyone has their rights and freedoms, social values should be plural. A Guangzhou NetEase users also worry that such discipline can deny their children's individuality, imprison children's thinking.  

However, many people expressed strong support for this middle school in Nanjing. A Sohu community user said, he not only supported, also in favour of promoting this practice in the country. "As a junior high school student, identifying weak, consciousness is not strong. Their society, values, world view is likely to be some adverse media distort, mislead. During this period, of course, should keep them from has no morality, no conservation of cultural pollution. " 

"boys are more handsome, more sexy girls, taste is to wear designer, Dai Mingbiao, driving cars, pie in the sky, one can almost overnight ... ... Now some TV shows, no educational value, for young people to promote, all these values of materialism and opportunism. Young people imitate the ability is very strong, so they can see every day, which parents can be assured? "A SINA Netizen, Tianjin mobile Web said.  

SINA Netizen, Wuhan mobile phone network, for example, the 90 's of the last century, and widely popular among teenagers of the gangster movies, sparked numerous elementary and middle school students compete to imitate, with the result that many young teenagers to go astray. This is exactly what we need to remember that lesson.  

Sohu community Netizen "daqiuzhang" that some programmes may have an adverse impact on young people, but a total ban is not a surefire plan. "Just like a child with the ' virus ' isolation, as this is not the best way, because the child may lose access to ' ' the opportunity. The best way should be, with schools and parents with children, tell them where is the show vulgar, let the child know what things of value. " 

prohibit or allow, imprisoned personalities or prevent corruption, the controversy behind, reflects current social transition problems encountered in the education of our young people. In this regard, a NetEase Beijing Netizen commented: "there is no order of diversity, this is chaos, freedom without boundaries is allowed. For thousands of years, moving three evictions, optional neighbouring States, the story told from generation to generation. Today, why should we forbid your kids look bad, no conservation TV debate? ”